Friday, July 20, 2012

Picture Perfect Boston

We get invited to some pretty awesome parties that are not really food-related but are nonetheless fun.  Some of them are real standouts.  This week we were invited to a party hosted by UrbanDaddy to introduce the Samsung Galaxy Note.  They used some pretty impressive social media to ensure a packed house and a great night.  The event was called Picture Perfect Boston and, really, the weather could have not made it any more picture perfect.

The venue chosen was The State Room, 33 floors up at 60 State Street, with it's famous sweeping views of the City and waterfront.  The sun setting over the city had everyone pressed against the windows with their cameras and smartphones.  Upon arrival, we were met at the door with a glass of wine offered to each guest.  There was also an open bar and trays of  inventive appetizers.    Guests were encouraged to tweet and their live tweets were streamed on the wall for everyone to see.  Three tweets were chosen at random to receive a special gift: their own Galaxy Note.  It was really cool to see tweets from friends who we didn't even realize were there.  Then, we could move about and hunt them down to say hello.


There was also a digital artist on hand.  Guests were invited to have their picture taken with the Galaxy Note, which was then projected onto another screen.  Here I am being broadcast with Dean.

The artist then went to work to graffiti-up the portrait for all to see.

Guests could watch as your portrait was created. Great ice-breaker, if you don't mind having your image broadcast to a few hundred people dancing and drinking.  The final portrait was then emailed so you could have it on your mobile device immediately.  I looked like a skinny version of Sir Elton.  Before the good hairpiece!  All in all it was a really fun event and a masterful marketing idea to introduce to a young, tech-savvy audience a new technology product.  Great event!

Here is a short video of what it was actually like to be there. 

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