Monday, July 16, 2012

On Tasting Caramel

We were asked once again this year to join the panel of taste makers at TasteTV. Last year we spent July 4th weekend taste-testing lots of chocolates while relaxing in Maine and making copious notes on exactly what we liked and did not.  This year we were selected for the caramel panel.  Unfortunately, our shipment arrived in New England's first summer heat wave.  As you can imagine, most of our samples ended up looking like the above:  completely melted and destroyed.

The majority of the caramels were dipped in chocolate, which only made matters worse.  Although we valiantly attempted to try some of the melted gobs you know what happens - everything had taken on a grainy, gritty texture.  It wasn't fair to judge.

There was, however, one, small box that survived almost perfectly intact.  The Fleur de Sel Caramels from Roberts Confections in Alexandria, Virginia.  The caramel was a really good texture, not too hard, dipped in a creamy milk chocolate and finished with a variety of salts. Nice!  So, although we could not fairly test all of the caramels we can say that the one survivor was a winner.

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