Friday, June 15, 2012

Divine Chocolate

In 1993, in order to gain more power in an industry where their voice was not being heard, a group of Ghanaian cocoa farmers got together and set up their own cooperative, Kuapa Kokoo.  Kuapa aimed to produce the "best of the best" cocoa, and to work for a better future for their members.  At their AGM in 1997 the farmers voted to set up their own fair trade chocolate company in the U. K. an with investment from The Boy Shop and Twin Trading, and the support of Christian Aid and Comic Relief, Divine Chocolate was born.

The success of Divine means that farmers have a secure source of fair trade income, which continues to grow as more and more chocolate lovers choose it as their treat.  As Kuapa Kokoo also owns a significant percentage o the company, they can share in the profits, too.  Members decide how the money is invested in their communities and each year more villages can sink their own drinking water wells, build schools and benefit from health care.  Ownership of Divine and the fair trade deal has also enabled farmers to plan for their future, send their children to school, learn new skills and improve their farms.  In 2006 The Body Shop made the inspired decision to donate all of their shares in Divine to Kuapa Kokoo, so now those benefits of ownership are even greater. In 2007 Divine Chocolate Inc.launched in the United States.

Not only is this an inspiring story for all but it is also a GREAT chocolate.  We loved it, our proud to write about it and encourage you to try it, too.  You will not be disappointed and it just may become your absolute favorite chocolate.

Find out more and order here:  Divine

To learn more about Fair Trade Certification visit:  Fair Trade Certified

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