Monday, May 7, 2012

Mobile Food Fest

Food trucks. They are all over. We have not sampled enough of them so we headed over to the Greenway on Saturday afternoon to check them out and catch up on what was happening.

After inspecting every truck we decided to start at Staff Meal for tacos.

I went with the Chicken Paprikash with Bacon Jam and French's Onions. The portion was pretty small, that bacon jam was delicious. Liked it.

Dean went with the Chorizo, Lime Crema, Radish and Lettuce. After all, it WAS Cinco de Mayo. It looked great. He liked.

LevelUp was there. Dean signed up and with all of their discounts and incentives he ate free all day. I asked all of the vendors we visited how often people use it and the concensus was about 30%, same as credit cards but it's easier.

Next up was Grilled Cheese Nation. My Boston Common: Vermont Cheddar on Iggy's Pain de Mie with Applewood Smoked Bacon was buttery warmth on a cold day in Boston. I definitely liked the ample bacon.

Dean went with the Blue Man Goo: Great Hill Blue Cheese, Organic Fig Spread and Aged Balsamic on Iggy's Raisin Pecan. The name and description were cool but what a disappointment. Tiny and burnt, you couldn't even taste the blue cheese or fig spread.

The ever-present Santos was there judging the food truck tastes.

We finished up with dessert from Ben and Jerry's.
Our best advice is to check out the food trucks like a restaurant. We wanted to try all of them and talked to a lot of people. Don't be sucked in by what looks good on the menu. Watch the portions people are walking away with. A 9$ plate can be tiny, a 3$ plate huge. Be prepared that most are heavily greased. And pay with LevelUp!

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