Sunday, May 27, 2012

Fifth Anniversary

33,000 flags on Boston Common in memory to all veterans lost.

 Five years ago on a Memorial Day weekend spent at the country house in Maine I decided to write a blog about my food adventures. It was just a thought. I had no idea that I would become one of the first food bloggers in Boston. Since then I have been very lucky: I met the most gifted Chefs in Boston, I wrote stories that have gone viral, like the first edible QR code on a plate, I attended great lectures at Harvard on food and science, I met amazing people who found redemption through food at Haley House, I endured harsh criticism, I found friends who, after my video interviews, went to Washington to testify about the danger of cruise ships, I spent countless hours sitting at a table talking and laughing and tasting the foods that one dreams of. I have to say that I love the laughing and conversation more than anything. It's been an amazing ride filled with great food and lauded food pics.

The best part has been my involvement with Future Chefs. I am never happier than when I am celebrating the next generation of kids who love and want to learn more. I really hope that they will be my best teachers and I always look forward to honoring them and learning more from them. I don't have any contests or marketing gimmicks today. I'm just glad that people share their lives with me.

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