Thursday, November 3, 2011

Product Testing May Cookie Co.

We've been busy testing products lately and are sharing the results for some of the best we have found. First up is May Cookie Co., which produces all natural cookie mixes and advertises a product that is lower in sugar with more wholesome ingredients. I will say that these are much closer to homemade than any of the other mixes I have tried.

We tried the Triple Chocolate Chip Oatmeal, with rolled oats and natural raw sugar. There are many other varieties including egg and dairy-free recipes.

All of the ingredients are included and in separate bags. I like that idea. It's like they have taken the fresh ingredients and just handed them to you measured. Mixing them in the proper order is what makes them seem more made-from-scratch.

Mixing together the butter and sugar took quite a while. This could be for two reasons. First, the sugar was raw, brown sugar, not the white, refined variety. Second, I don't think I let the butter soften enough. Raw sugar, which is obviously less processed is grainier. So, it did take much longer to whip the sugar and butter into a light and fluffy mixture.

Next up was the baking. They recommended time was 9-14 minutes. We found that the higher end of that scale was required.

The cookies baked up near perfect. I am going to test bake another batch of these only to try two improvements. First, I really did not let the butter soften enough. Next time I will leave it out overnight. (Also, NEVER be tempted to use your microwave to soften butter or use melted butter instead. The result will actually be a much drier cookie). The other thing I am going to try is sifting the ingredients, even though they are pre-mixed. Also, the cookies go stale rather quickly. This is actually a good thing, since more natural foods (with less chemicals and preservatives) go bad more quickly. Typically, the quicker the food goes bad the better it is for you. So, make sure you freeze whatever you will not eat within a few days.

For more information on May Cookie Co click here.

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