Saturday, October 1, 2011

Boston Fashion Week 2011 Wrap-Up

Well, Boston Fashion Week 2011 has now wrapped up. I don't know how or why it so happened that someone who basically writes about food was invited to so many fashion events and shows but it certainly was a whirlwind of fun, exhausting yet, at the same time, exciting. Although I hardly have the wardrobe for such endeavors it was amazingly fun to be invited in to meet so many creative, interesting, funny, beautiful, unusual and, yes, tall, very tall people. I met dozens of young and talented personalities: writers, photographers, designers and artists and made many new friends. After a week of running around and staying up way too late at night writing, there are always those images you look at again that were somehow edited out and you now wished you had included. So, here they are. I saw so much impressive talent out there this week that it is difficult not to be optimistic about the future of Boston. Thanks everyone for the invites and including our little blog in the fashion ride! As Alex Hall said to me: "Next year is going to be even better!"

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