Friday, September 30, 2011

Wild Flower Dance Fashion Show

Not every runway show during Boston Fashion Week is under The Tent. As much as we loved being there we also like to venture out into smaller places and see what young, creative types are doing just because they love doing it. This was a really eclectic mix of fun, interesting people gathered in a small place tucked inside an area of the city that is off the beaten path, the Bulfinch Hotel. The young photographer/fashion blogger in the white shirt is Benjamin Glassner, who impressively got right in there with a group of very aggressive professional photographers and held his ground. Jimmy Guzmán and Ashley Rose Mersky are the young designers who organized the event. He did all of the flower creations including, yes, the hairpieces. She did all of those gorgeous corset designs. The models were not all 6 feet tall or what some might consider conventional but they were beautiful and having fun and what more is there in life than to be getting out there and enjoying it? This was probably the quirkiest event I attended during Boston Fashion Week 2011 but it will definitely be one of the most memorable and a fitting way to end this great celebration of style that it has been. Now back to the food coverage!

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