Sunday, August 7, 2011

Food, Social Media and the QR

It began with the exclusive story we ran with on Chef José Duarte of Taranta. At a Future Chefs event we quietly discussed technology, food and social media. What would the future be like? He was working on using QR codes in his kitchen. I was interested. After a frenzied week of emails, gels, transfers and ideas he finally made it work with squid ink. It was so last minute that I even had to run backstage at the Fairmont Copley to make sure that it really worked. It did. It was the very first time that a Chef captured a QR code on a plate. And we were there.

Chef José talking with future chefs, which is really how you get your best ideas.

Backstage at the Copley. I am thinking that was the first QR code T shirt ever made in Boston.

The QR on a plate.

Fans discussing the food and presentation.

We have a full week of food tech, the latest apps, exclusive interviews and some nice plates just out of the kitchen this week. It's gonna be fun.

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