Monday, July 11, 2011

More QR Code Food Fun

If you are a foodie then you are probably familiar with the website how2heroes. They feature original content videos from a few thousand people ranging from Master Chefs to home cooks sharing their fave recipes and how to make them. In fact, TBF may be making an appearance soon. At a recent event we attended they were having a contest that focused on QR code technology.

All you had to do was pick a card and scan it with your smartphone and you would instantly know if you were a winner in the contest. They were very democratic. If you did not have a smartphone they would scan it for you.

I had a feeling I was going to be lucky that day and I was! So, now we have a new kitchen apron to add to the collection.

I would love to hear from readers who have smartphones about their QR code stories. Do you find them helpful? Do you even have a scanning app on your device? When are they most effective? Or, do you think it's just a gimmick or passing fad? I've heard both sides. Let us know and we'll feature your story.

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