Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fave New Iphone Apps

We take pictures, lots and lots of pictures and we use many tools to get them. Extreme close-ups of delicious food, each glistening morsel inspiring hunger pains that will haunt you. Pictures of beautiful, handsome people with smiling faces, having fun at food and social events. Pictures of interesting architecture in the places we visit.

One of the tools we use is the iphone and whenever two or three are gathered with them the discussion inevitably leads to our favorite new apps. I am well-known for discovering some of the best photographic apps out there so I thought I'd share some of them with all our readers. These two are free, easy-to-use and the most very popular of those I have recently shared.

Now you, too, can look like a super model. You may have noticed that some of our candid portraits look a little more movie-starish than others. That's due to the app called morebeauté. This app airbrushes your iphone pics. Yes! In a swipe that lasts seconds you can eliminate all those flaws and blemishes. Try it out. No one I have told about this has not loved it.

For sweeping panoramic scenes there is the photosynth app. The banner photo at the top of our blog with an expansive view of the Charles River and Boston skyline was taken with this app. Simply point and click while moving the iphone from side to side and the app "stitches" the pics together for a stunning panoramic view. In my experience, it works best when there are no moving objects in the frame. It will work well for large group shots as long as the people remain relatively still.

So there you go. Two great, new, free apps that will make your iphone pics even cooler. Have a new app you like? Please share. We are always looking.

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