Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What is SCVNGR?

We recently were invited to stop by SCVNGR Headquarters in Cambridge to explore some of the very cool social media innovations going on there in the heart of hi-tech Kendall Square. SCVNGR is a location-based mobile social media and gaming app. Consider it a Scavenger Hunt (hence the name) done with friends and new friends, roaming about the City, discovering new places and things, taking challenges and having fun. It's a very cool way to meet interesting people and we love learning all about emerging media and discovering the new ways it's being used and experimented with. So, we could not resist the invitation.

This is definitely not your father's corporate office space. You can write on the walls, scooter about the place, and their big meeting room is a techie's dream. Gone are the corner offices and dress codes. Oh, and there are plenty of healthy snacks and great lattes! Their new app, Level Up, available in Boston and Philadelphia so far, offers some really amazing experiences, such as lunch with a venture capitalist! So, we are really looking forward to finding some fun things to work together on in the weeks and months ahead.

Meeting with Kellian to discuss some of the ways TBF will be using new media to offer readers discounts, deals and new experiences at restaurants and retailers. Stay tuned. We have some really exciting stuff coming up.

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