Saturday, April 2, 2011

Calling All Food Writers and Bloggers

On a rainy night about two years ago I wandered into an event that I was quite unsure of. It was a random Facebook invite but I thought, hey, it's right down the street and these people seem passionate about food. I liked the fact that they were calling it a "Friendraiser" as opposed to a fundraiser. As a well-known food blogger in Boston I had been looking for a truly worthy cause I could support and a chance to give back. I had three requisites: It had to be new. It had to be fun. It had to involve the next generation. It was love at first sight.

Yes, I go to lots of elegant dinners with famous people from all over the world. Yes, I have all of the top chefs on my iphone. Yes, my invite list is endless. Yet, nothing has given me more satisfaction than to be on the Advisory Board of Future Chefs. I began as a volunteer Ambassador for the organization, doing whatever I could to get the word out about the work they do. In the end, however, it has given me back so much more. It has opened up a world that I treasure, filled with enthusiastic, bright eyes, bursting with stories that I learn so much from. I have met Chefs and teachers and students who are grateful, poised and always surprising me with their knowledge of food. On April 9 at Le Cordon Bleu I hope you will join me for an event with Future Chefs that just may be a life-changer for you. I am specifically inviting my blogger friends wishing to explore the great things young people are doing. I am hoping that you will join me and take a look at what, with your help, the future can be. My promise to you is that you will not be disappointed. My hope is that you will meet some amazing young people who can't have enough successful, positive role models in their lives. I know you will have fun. So, won't you please come and write about Future Chefs?

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