Thursday, March 17, 2011

Anna's Taqueria

The famous guacamole and chips.

What better way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day than by being contrarian and talking about Mexican food?

Did you know that Anna's Taqueria is celebrating fifteen years of food in the Boston area? Everything at Anna's is made the moment you order it, fresh and with great ingredients. We sat down with Michael Kamio, owner of the local chain recently, to congratulate him on his success and talk about the future.

Enjoying a bite of their famous Al Pastor burrito, marinated pork cooked on a rotisserie, Michael talked about how it has been a struggle to keep prices down but quality up. Anna's is famous for it's value. One of the things he pioneered was the use of biofuel in their company transport vehicle, which they've been using for many years now.

Next up we tried the Langua, or traditional beef tongue, which many in our dining group had never tried before. Most people don't realize that tongue is a very tender cut of meat. We also tried a new recipe for a beef taco (not on the menu yet). Most agreed that we liked the tongue more than the beef!

Horchata, a traditional sweet, cold drink made from milk and ground almonds was new on me but went perfectly with the tacos, as did the Jamaica, another traditional, cold Mexican drink made from boiled Passion Flower petals. These, and the Mexican Coke, which uses cane sugar as opposed to corn syrup, were all perfect and something we have never tried before. We will definitely be ordering these on future visits.

I also never knew that Anna's does catering, featuring items such as salads and these cinnamon shortbread cookies, not available in the restaurants. The catering business is small.

When asked if there are any future plans to expand or go national Michael said no, there were not. He'd rather remain smaller, local and maintain the control of quality that you lose when you expand too rapidly or widespread.

Congratulations Anna's! Anna's has six locations in the Boston area and boasts a very loyal local following. If you haven't been recently, it's still as great as it ever was.

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