Friday, January 14, 2011

Future Chefs Boloco Burrito Challenge

In Part Two of our Future Chefs story, we head into the kitchen and watch the students prepare for a culinary challenge to create a unique inspired burrito. The four High School teams worked to create their own signature burrito.

The Future Chefs Inspired Burrito Challenge was sponsored by boloco, the local burrito chain that sponsors lots of community outreach projects. Did you know that boloco stands for Boston Local?

The kitchen was incredibly busy, yet all of the students were focused and enjoying themselves. The recipes ranged from sweet to savory and included such unusual ingredients as marshmallow Fluff, used by the Somerville team because Fluff was invented in Somerville. There was also a really great seafood burrito on the board presented by the Quincy High School team.

Let the food fun begin. All of the students had a great time at the competition.

A few of the FC students at their prep work.

Future Chef Alumni were on hand in the kitchen to help assist and organize the teams. They also operated the machine used to heat all of the wraps the students used to roll their burritos. I am always impressed at how graduates of Future Chefs are always so eager to come back and help out the younger students. They are easily recognized by their tan Chef Jackets at all Future Chefs events.

The amazing fried leeks used by Quincy High School in their seafood burrito, with breaded flounder and creme fraiche. I loved this one and attendees were all munching on the leeks before they could even get into the burritos!.

Students were hard at work whipping up all sorts of new flavors.

The Steak City burrito by Madison Park High School was beefy and spicy served with some cooling sour cream and a lemon guacamole. This was another one of my faves.

Just one of the many creative burritos served that really impressed the boloco representatives.

And the winners are ...... Everett High School! The team of Josue Henriquez, Francisco Hernandez and Josue Panameno, along with their instructors, are presented with their boloco/Future Chefs jackets (created especially for winners of the challenge) by boloco representatives Jason Hutchinson, Co-Founder, and Sara Steele-Rogers, boloco marketing.

Named The Crimson, the winning burrito combined ingredients that showcased the sophistication of these young Chefs. Including roasted eggplant, baba ganoush,tzatziki, tabouleh, zucchini, sauteed portabella mushrooms, tomatoes, marinated artichoke, rice pilav and red onion, the complex flavors worked well together. A vegetarian and chicken version offered delicious options for everyone.

Group photo courtesy of Amy Braga Photography.

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