Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Stone Hearth Pizza Company

The new multi grain pizza crust at Stone Hearth Pizza.

We spent Tuesday being the only Boston blogger asked to taste test the new multi grain pizza crust at Stone Hearth Pizza Company that they've been diligently working on. Stone Hearth is the local chain that has built their reputation on healthy pizza, using locally-sourced ingredients and serving it all up in a family friendly setting. In fact, theirs is the first menu I have ever seen that lists locally sourced ingredients on a map. I accepted the invite to consult with a bit of trepidation. I had tasted multi grain pizza crusts before and was not a fan. We discussed the science of cooking with Chef Michael Ehlenfeldt, formerly of Hamersley's Bistro. Grains hold more water, it seems, making the dough more difficult to roll. So it's taken a lot of testing. You'd never know by the flavor. After tasting both the crust alone and with pizza toppings we gave it a thumbs up. It is not overly gritty or grainy (my usual criticism) and has a very slight nutty taste.

The pizza with the new crust did not last very long. A good sign.

The multi grain crust should be available shortly. In the meantime, all of my social media friends can enjoy a 10% discount by simply showing your Foursquare checkin. Not bad. The other menu items we tried were great, too.

Here are some of those dishes. These Meatball Poppers are made with organic, locally-raised beef, fresh mozzarella, sauteed onions and a slightly spicy tomato sauce.

The inside of the Meatball Poppers holds a small dose of fresh mozzarella.

The Shepard's Pie Pizza looked so good on the menu I decided to try that, too (right). It includes mashed potato, sausage, green onion and cheese. On the left was the Bacon and Blue Cheese, one of the more popular menu offerings.

The Roasted Bosch Pear Salad with locally-sourced goat cheese and walnuts is a special for December. I suggested that they actually use this as a topping for the new crust when in season. Am I the only one who puts salad on top of my pizza slices?

Christopher Robbins and Jonathan Schwarz, Founders, Alex Chamberlain, Marketing, and Chef Michael Ehlenfeldt. Stone Hearth Pizza has three locations: Belmont, Cambridge and Needham. They also sell their pizzas in the prepared foods sections of Whole Foods throughout Massachusetts.


  1. So jealous that you go to try this out. I love, love, love SHP!

  2. Lucky you! What a fun event! I love Stone Hearth Pizza, I'm sure I'll like the new crust too!