Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Baking Thanksgiving Pies At Rialto

We spent Monday morning this week in the kitchens of Rialto with Chef Jody Adams, who led her staff on a pie making mission for Community Servings. The goal: to make 100 pies. This year the entire staff was involved, including front-of-house, who all pitched in for this very worthy cause. As the only food blogger there, I am happy to share some of the photos from the project. Thank you Rebecca Fetner for inviting me to join the gang!

Michael (nice hat Mike), Tom, Annie, Taira and Sean working those pie crusts (and boxes).

Julia, Kristen and Steve were on apple pie duty.

In the kitchen with Chef Jody Adams.

The rich pecan pies being filled before baking.

Lots of apples needed to be sliced. One hundred apple and pecan pies were prepared and baked.

David Waters, CEO of Community Servings, stopped by to personally thank the staff.

General Manager Sean was in charge of, what else, folding up the pie boxes.

The finished pecan pies fresh from the oven.

Pastry Chef Susan Abbott presents a few baked pecan pies to David Waters.

Here's a short video clip of Jody and David explaining what will happen with the pies next. The proceeds from the sales of each of the 14,000 pies will help feed a critically ill person in the Boston area for an entire week. Great work guys! Keep in mind that you can still get your pies until 4:00 PM today, Wednesday, at the Park Plaza Castle.

To everyone at Rialto, Community Servings, volunteers, friends, fellow bloggers and readers of TBF: HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE. We hope that next week you will share with us your most inventive Thanksgiving recipes.

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  1. Such a wonderful opportunity and for a great cause! Have a Happy Thanksgiving! : )