Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Movie Stars in Hollywood East

You may remember when the crew from THE SOCIAL NETWORK was setting up a location shoot just outside our condo building last Fall. The trailer has just been released on YouTube and we look forward to seeing the film in October.

More recently, casting scouts have selected me (YES me) for a scene in the film currently shooting in Boston: WHAT'S YOUR NUMBER?

I had my wardrobe fitting yesterday. It was about as glamorous as a cattle call in a Building 19 (at 95 degrees no less) filled with formal wear! I do hope to be streaming exclusive FaceBook pics and Tweeting live from the movie set later in the week, on Friday and Saturday. Our Twitter handle is @TheBostonFoodie. The romantic comedy stars Anna Faris, Chris Evans, Andy Samberg and Ryan Phillipe, proving once again that Boston really is becoming Hollywood East. Local film shoots have given us a whole new tourist attraction for the nearly 20 million visitors to our historic, cultural world-class City.

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