Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Educating Jenny

Jose, Luis, Juelle and Ann of Future Chefs. That's Chef Evan Deluty of Stella in the background.

Anyone who watches NECN's TV Diner is familiar with the Educating Jenny segments taped at the amazing new BCAE facilities. I stopped by last week for an incredibly fun and informative day spent learning, meeting people and, of course, food. I invited along some Future Chefs friends to make it even more memorable.

While we won't give away all of the details I can tell you that eggs were big on the menu and Chef Jacky Robert was most gracious to the FC Alumni, inviting them into the kitchen to help. His newest restaurant, Petit Robert Central will be opening in the Downtown Crossing area soon.

Jenny welcomes Luis and Juelle into the kitchen to assist with the prep.

Chef Jacky Robert with Luis and Juelle preparing his Crispy Poached Egg Salad dish.

Poached egg, breaded and fried, served over a mound of chopped bacon, frisee and veggies. Talk about brunch heaven.

Next up was Chef Joanne Gregory of South End Buttery, another amazing Boston brunch spot, who prepared Dough Pate Sucre, better known as brown butter tarts.

See this tray of pastry? Juelle and I devoured half of it, at least.

Last to tape was Chef Paul Wahlberg of Alma Nove in Hingham. He may resemble a few of his more famous brothers but this Wahlberg can cook.

Chef Wahlberg prepared an amazing Squash Blossom Tempura. Stuffed with a goat cheese, basil and ricotta piping, delicately fried and served with slices of green and yellow tomato drizzled with a fine aged balsamic this was art on a plate. I can't wait to get to his restaurant.

This one is definitely going into the TBF photo album!

The episodes will air beginning on July 31 and running through September. A big thanks to Susan Brown, Executive Director of BCAE for greeting us and making us feel at home.

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