Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Copley Square Farmer's Market

Out of all of the Farmer's Markets in the Boston area perhaps our favorite is Copley Square and it seems to be one of the most successful, too. I'm not sure if it's the days (Tuesday and Friday), the location or the vendors. Everyone seems to be there on Fridays and most seem to be in a buying mood.

Whether you are looking for affordable, beautiful fresh cut flowers, artisan cheeses or breads or all kinds of local food and produce goodies, it's always worth the trip. It's even great to just hang out for the people-watching!

If you've been meaning to get to a local farmer's market this season but have not yet I urge you to do so. Not only will you be supporting local independently owned operations, many family run but you'll also be getting the freshest you can buy.

For more information on this and other local farmer's markets you can click here: Mass Farmer's Markets.

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