Saturday, July 3, 2010

Blogger Booty

Not only do food bloggers get to meet the most interesting people from all over the world at parties and events (cause Boston is a world class food City) but we also are on the text message list with UPS and FedEx on a daily basis. You have to be. This pic is just a sample of some of the schwag we've recently had to drag up the stairs. And that doesn't even include the books and surprises in the fridge! In fact, we've recently added a disclaimer about all this stuff we receive just to be legal. It's our job to taste, test, photograph and, sometimes, devour every bit of it in one sitting. And lots of times we are looking for people to share it with so always feel free to hit us up.


  1. I recognize those chocolates! I haven't started my taste testing yet but am looking forward to it this week!

  2. Wait until you try that PB & J bar! Amazing. Can't wait to blog about the chocolate.