Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pizzeria Posto Visit

Pizzeria Posto in Davis Square.

Photo by Dean Igoe.

We made our way over to Davis Square to try out the new restaurant Pizzeria Posto which just opened last weekend. It was a full crowd here all weekend long which is the first sign that they must be doing something right and a welcome addition to the area.

The open design is light and airy with just the setting one would expect from an upscale casual dining/enoteca. In fact, it reminded me very much of being in a small upscale restaurant in Italy. The food boasts quality ingredients, the wood-fired brick oven pizza is classic thin crust and the wine selection is rather extensive.

Pizzeria Posto interior.

Caesar Salad.

One of the plates we tried was the Caesar Salad ($9) with lemon and anchovy dressing and parmesan. Fresh and with the anchovy a proper Caesar salad should have it was about as good as it gets. We sipped a glass of Sepp Moser Grüner Veltliner ($6), an Austrian wine suggested by our server. Citrusy with a hint of spice, good suggestion.

The rich, meatballs al forno ($9) are dense, oven baked and the sauce is on the sweeter side, low on acidity. We enjoyed these with a glass of Prima Perla Prosecco ($4).

Arugula Salad.

Photo by Dean Igoe.

My dinner companion enjoyed the arugula salad ($9), served with endive, an unusually good gorgonzola picante in just the right amount and dressed with a honey and thyme vinaigrette, hitting all the right notes.

Bianca Pizza.

The Bianca Pizza ($17) had a truly perfect crust with fior di latte (or cow's milk mozzarella), ricotta, pecorino, parmesan and a light dusting of fresh oregano. This white pizza with a crispy/chewy crust and warm, melted, flavorful cheeses was just full of subtle flavor and nice textures. All of the cheeses used seemed to be at the height of their individual perfection.

Prosciutto Cotto Pizza.

The Prosciutto Cotto Pizza ($18) was was served with the same gorgonzola picante and arugula and drizzled with a port sciroppo, lending it tiny pockets of balsamic-like sweetness.

House made chili pepper oil.

Bianca Pizza with hot oil.

Tagliatelle, Braised Rabbit, Fava, Carrot and Peas.

The tagliatelle with braised rabbit ($15) was a savory, filling dish, salted well and finished with the fresh fava and vegetable bits.

For those of you who may not have had rabbit before just imagine the qualities of both chicken and ham in one bite and you will get the general flavor.

The service on both our visits could literally not have been improved upon. It was among the best service we've had at a restaurant, casual or otherwise. Prices seem to be a a bit high given the economic climate and the pizzas are all personal size (4 slices). Given the service, quality and atmosphere, however, we would still give Pizzeria Posto an excellent rating for casual dining in a smart setting.

Pizzeria Posto
187 Elm Street
Somerville, MA 02144
Telephone: 617.625.0600

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  1. We experienced a 75 minute wait after being told the wait would be 30-45 minutes. I think they're still working the kinks out on service, although the food is quite good.

  2. I'd probably be a regular at this place if it wasn't so expensive...

  3. I agree it IS a bit pricey but the quality and service are there. You could probably eat less expensively at Sagra, around the corner.