Friday, April 16, 2010

Mumbai Chopstix Video Friday

Lena, Athena, Mike, Me and Lingbo: four fellow bloggers. Richard and Rachel were missing.

It's Video Fridays and you know what that means: exclusive video you won't see anywhere else on the Boston food scene. Yeah we go to lots of food events but rarely give you the bird's eye view of what it's actually like to be at a private party for a new restaurant opening. So here's an early stroll through Mumbai Chopstix on Newbury Street which opens to the public today and serves a very eclectic Asian/Indian fusion cuisine. This is what soft openings are like - great food and a crowd of fun, interesting people. You will hear me stop for a second to say hello to the aforementioned fellow food blogger Mike Prerau of The Food Monkey. Also, if you are into food photography and care to attend some of these events we are always looking for interns. Thank you Sam for the party pic!


  1. Terrific to finally meet you in person! Hope to see you around!