Friday, December 18, 2009


We recently stopped by OLDWAYS, an organization in Boston that we knew little about. OLDWAYS is a non-profit organization that's actually been around for years. Their mission is: Changing the way people eat through practical and positive programs grounded in science and nutrition.

They do this in a variety of ways. They have developed consumer-friendly health promotion tools such as the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid and their signature book: THE OLDWAYS TABLE. They have also created the Whole Grains Council and Latino Nutrition Council and organize international conferences and continuing professional education programs. They are basically advocates for reviving the healthful pleasures of real food. The movement toward local food, sustainability, slow food and organic foods is going to be the growing trend for the future. Manufactured food and factory farming is being forced to rethink the ways they have operated as consumer pressure grows.

Perhaps my favorite initiative undertaken by OLDWAYS are what they call their "Culinarias". These are trips abroad to experience other cultures through food. Morocco was one such destination. Local foods, customs and traditions are explored in small groups usually led by chefs and authors. Journalists, Registered Dietitians, Educators and even the general public are invited to attend. It is really very much an immersion tour of the local culture and food. What an awesome way to see the world!

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All photos courtesy of OLDWAYS.

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