Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Boston Foodie Weight Loss System

Have the new Boston Foodie breakfast blend cereal every day for 30 days and I guarantee you will lose weight! Have you heard that claim before? Chances are that you have because a lot of breakfast cereals make it and it actually works. Study after study has proven that most overweight or obese people do not eat breakfast (and that doughnut and coffee you grab when you get to the office doesn't count).

Simply having breakfast every morning before you leave the house has been proven to induce weight loss. Some studies even say that the larger the breakfast the more weight you will lose. Fueling your body first thing in the day raises metabolism so make sure you eat within thirty minutes of waking. Not eating breakfast tricks the body into thinking it will not eat at all that day and slows metabolism, resulting in the conservation of energy by storing fat. It also slows down motor functions, allowing more fat storage. Hence the claim that kids who eat breakfast are better students. Of course they are. They are more alert. In other words, our bodies are still hard wired to our Neanderthal days when the sole responsibility was survival and feeding. With no food the body went into shutdown mode.

Our breakfast blend is a scant two per cent fat artisinal mix of shredded wheat squares, quinoa flakes, dried raspberries, pistachios and golden raisins. With a little milk and raw sugar it makes for a high fiber, very low fat meal with a good portion of protein, just what the body needs first thing in the morning. But we are not becoming snake oil salesman or giving Kellog's a run for the money. You can have your own custom mix ordered (from a variety of ingredients) and made to your specifications at the website They will also label the cereal with the unique name you have provided. If that won't get your family having breakfast nothing will. And the best part is that everyone may finally be able to shed those few pounds you've been wanting to as they eat their very own breakfast of champions.

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