Friday, July 17, 2009

Summer Drinks

Nothing refreshes on a warm day more than an ice cold drink.

Although I like to get out of town on weekends in the Summer it is completely relaxing to have friends over on Fridays for a drink and some tastes by the pool before we head out to dinner. I really enjoy these casual nights - no packing a bag, no Hampton toll traffic, just sit back and relax. Sometimes staying at home in the city is...well, a spontaneous oasis.

My staple drinks for these Friday night affairs are quite simple: drinkers get Compari and soda, non-drinkers get raspberry lime rickeys. Surprisingly (and accidental I swear) both of these drinks actually enliven the ability of the senses to heighten the taste of food. It seems these get the gastric juices and salivary glands in sync. Don't ask me how.

We have tried several types of flavored syrups but always return to Monin syrup as we find it to be the absolute best.

The simple and oh-so-refreshing raspberry lime rickey.

The raspberry lime rickey. Perfect with grilled, marinated steak tips and salad on those warm Summer nights.

The slightly bitter taste of compari, a digestif, and soda will literally awake the gastric juices, making you even hungrier for dinner.

Here is a recent email received from a reader of the blog:

Hi Will,

Just wanted to thank you for the fantastic recommendation. The food was delicious [note: Sel de la Terre, State Street]and the overall dining experience was really enjoyable....of course the outdoor seating on a day with perfect weather definitely helped. Overall we had a great meal and even made our way up the street to Modern Pastry for dessert.

Thanks again for the recommendation!


This is why we blog!

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