Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Silver Lining

Perkins Cove - Ogunquit, Maine

As a friend of mine once said: "There is only so much laying on the beach one can do." Sure, it's relaxing. After a couple of days, though, one may go looking for something, well ... a bit more adventurous.

Why not take to the sea for a morning or afternoon aboard Silverlining Cruises out of Perkins Cove? See the lobstermen at work, and maybe a few seals or a whale to boot. Feel the spray of surf and the wind in your hair as you experience the power of a jib full on whipping you through the water. This forty two foot sloop, built entirely of wood and bronze, is not only a true classic but also designed to race. It's a small, six passenger vessel, making your jaunt more like a private party than a tourist event. So, book in advance and skim across the wide open expanse in an area where few sailing vessels will ever cross your path.

Silverlining Sea Cruises
Perkins Cove
Ogunquit, Maine
Phone: 207.646.9800

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  1. I've never forgotten my first visit to Maine. Such a civilised place - especially to an Englishman with a jaundiced view of Amerika. Everyone polite and courteous. Great food and even better service. A bank that couldn't complete a funds transfer, so sent me off to a local restaurant for lunch and then came out with the money and brought it across the square to my dining table. Hell will freeze over before we ever get service like that in Britain.