Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Merriland Farm in Wells, Maine

The beautiful country setting of Merriland Farm in Wells, Maine.

When we are not roaming Europe from one Castle or Palace to another we are escaping the City of Boston on these humid Summer days for weekends away, sometimes our favorite travel. We usually head for Wells, Maine, the location of our seacoast/country getaway home. The setting invites relaxation beyond anything the demands of the urban, concrete world can accomplish. Like long,chatty, country breakfasts in bucolic settings. So we rose early and headed off to Merriland Farm.

These are the rolling green pastures you just don't see often in the City, with little, old wooden houses converted into restaurants or Inns. It is far enough off the beaten path to not be overcrowded with tourists and a real country retreat. The fact that it sits next to a golf course helps.

The interior is rustic and simple, roomy, with large wooden tables and the patio offers outside dining.

The poached egg and bacon were, quite simply, perfect. The runny yolk of the egg was just as we like it and the bacon crisp but chewy and warm.

We were really looking forward to this side of sweet potato lyonnaise. It was however, served less than warm. Otherwise it would have been ideal.

This raspberry crepe was served, according to our dining companion far less than warm. Great idea poorly executed.

The pancakes were light and fluffy and some of the best I've ever had. Unfortunately, the blueberries were anything but fresh and seemed, quite honestly, dumped on top from a can. Our suggestion would be to strain them and add them to the batter or boil them down for a perfectly sweet blueberry syrup that could be ladled across the cakes with a much better result.

The baked blueberry french toast was the hit of the breakfast. Baked bread in a maple custard stuffed with a rich cream cheese and topped with blueberry compote and whipped cream. It seems to be, or should be, the cafe's signature dish.

All in all, this is a picture perfect setting and some great ideas but the preparation needs far more attention. Hopefully when you visit they will get things a bit more right.

Merriland Farm Cafe
591 Coles Hill Road
Wells, ME 04090
Tel.: 207.646.5040

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