Friday, May 8, 2009

Simple Interview: Ken Oringer, KO Prime

As the owner of no less than five restaurants, all of which receive consistently rave reviews, chef Ken Oringer has worked at El Bulli with the legendary Ferran Adria, among others. He has appeared on The Martha Stewart Show and is the recipient of The James Beard Award. We caught up with him recently at KO Prime and submitted our Simple Interview questions. As always, I am constantly amazed at how much Oringer seems to be enjoying his work, having fun and taking everything in stride, without any sign of stress.

1) What words would you use to describe the style of your restaurant?

A modern steakhouse from nose to tail.

2) What uniquely qualifies you to prepare and direct the cuisine at your restaurant?

I love beef, and I love treating every part of the animal with respect and ingenuity.

3)Do you like to cook at home and, if so, what do you make?

Yes! If I could, I'd make breakfast, lunch and dinner for my wife and family. What I make depends on their mood and my inspiration.

4)How has KO Prime responded to the “new economy”?

This Spring, we've begun offering diners some very good deals, like our $25 all-you-can-eat prime rib special every Monday and Tuesday, which is quite popular, or the $5bottomless bowl of chili available at the bar every weekday. What I'd like diners to know is that we also have a petit steak frites entree for just $20 all the time. Same great beef and garnishes, but it's a 5-ounce version. You can't beat it.

5) Tell us something that most people would be surprised to find out about you.

I'm an amateur glassblower.

Chef Ken Oringer's other restaurants in and around Boston include: Clio, Uni, Toro and La Verdad.

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