Saturday, April 18, 2009

Reviewing The Reviewers

The Andelman brothers of PHANTOM GOURMET.

Like others I enjoy watching the Boston TV food shows, of which there are only two. The first is so roundly criticised that it is difficult to find any redeeming quality. I have to agree. I have watched the show, attended their events and even met the Andelman brothers but the PHANTOM GOURMET and all of it's crap is nothing but disappointing. I mean, come on. Do you really think heaping plates of cold onion rings on your cheap set and your phony broadcasting voices make anyone want to watch? I sincerely apologize to any of the lowest common denominators who watch but it is what it is.

Billy Costa of TV DINER

TV DINER, on the other hand, at least does real reviews, has some great chefs on and visits actual restaurants. I have to admit I click the remote when they do segments on eyeglass shops and gym visits (this is a food show-stay focused) but overall the show is WAY more foodie centric.

Billy Costa of NECN's TV DINER on location.

When you realize that Julia Child, the original master of food TV did all of her work right here it is really a shame that we are accepting anything less. When will Boston do another really informative and interesting show of quality that can appeal to everyone?


  1. You have options to check what the reader thinks of your post, but where's the option for WAY OFF BASE? This sounds like you're frustrated and jealous because some local people have successful food shows... while you are stuck blogging.

  2. The Andelman's are the most vile crooks on television. Every "event" they run is an utter and complete scam. They are even taking over the old man's Hotdog Safari. I'd love to see what their cut of that "charity" ends up to be.

  3. I knew this one would hit a nerve or two. I just think that a food program that reviews fast food chains is not worth having on, which should not be a surprise to the more sophisticated palates of our regular readers. And the Andelman events ... mostly disorganized and disappointing. Sorry "anonymous" but I call em as I see em.

  4. Big fan of your blog, and I agree completely that Phantom Gourmet is a complete let down. However, your justification for not liking the show to "Anonymous" seems a bit weak. I think when you state that it's a bad program because it reviews fast food chains in a post right after you yourself recommend a chain (albeit not a fast food one: Panera Bread) is in poor, no pun intended, taste. There are so many more reasons than just the fact that they would dedicated at least one show (more than likely they have clips of fast food reviews on other themed episodes) to dislike the Phantom Gourmet and the Andelmans. A small beginner list would include: their review system, the fact that the Phantom Gourmet is not a real person but in fact multiple people, and the underlying feeling that the Phantom Gourmet is in bed with certain restaurants.

    But, I definitely agree that Boston needs a better Foodie TV program. Maybe you and some of your fellow food bloggers should pitch a show.

  5. I watch both shows and do find interesting places to go in both shows.

    I feel that TV Diner is the superior show because it is an actual review show that features places that appeal to foodies. I'm crazy about Billy Costa, his on-air personality is smarmy like Fred Willard's characters in Christopher Guest films like This Is Spinal Tap, Best in Show, Waiting For Guffman, etc.

    The Phantom Gourmet is plain cheesy and far from anything gourmet. C'mon, a show with gourmet in the title yet for the most part, they review burger places, review the top hotdogs in town, and gush over deep-fried food. Gourmet, I think not. Then there are the hosts, they are annoying and cheesy as well. They strike me as the annoying kids in high school who were constantly beat up. IMHO, PG caters to whoever advertises with them each show.

    In general, watch both shows for the food porn, but if you're a foodie, TV Diner is the better choice.