Friday, January 2, 2009

Dinner at Windsor Castle, U.K.

No, we were not invited but last year we were lucky enough to take an inside tour of Windsor Castle, the largest castle in the world that still enjoys royal residency. It was absolutely fascinating to view the interior, get a sense of history and, mostly, to walk through that famous dining room where all the glittering state dinners take place, standing in the same spot where both celebrities and powerful heads of state have toasted royalty.

I really don't know how we missed those dozens of large placards warning us that no photos were allowed. I really don't (hehe). So, we were able to get a very brief video shot of the entrance, which I hope you enjoy, before being swooped upon by security personnel. We have also posted some of our other videos on YouTube, including a stroll across Millennium Bridge from St. Paul's to The Tate Modern and a very cool portion of our tour at the recreated Shakespeare's Globe Theater. The link for these videos is here: YouTube

With that little taste in mind here is a more comprehensive view inside Windsor Castle and some idea of all of the incredible planning it takes to pull off a State Dinner. This one is royally sanctioned, unlike ours!

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  1. Thanks for letting us have a glilmpse of whats inside! Hope you have a happy and healthy 2009!