Sunday, October 12, 2008

Harvard Square Oktoberfest 2008

The ever-growing crowds fill the streets at Oktoberfest.

We couldn't help but stop in Harvard Square this weekend. How can one not stop when one is passing right through one of the year's biggest celebrations: Oktoberfest! Begun many years ago as a small afternoon promotion when the once popular The Wursthaus restaurant occupied the premier real estate spot in the Square, it has mushroomed into an all day event attended by many thousands.

Live music and picture perfect weather.

The Harvard Square Oktoberfest seems to grow bigger and bigger every year. Aside from the swelling crowds this year's celebration featured: live music, beer (of course),vendors and food galore and the world's largest sofa!

One of the beer tents at Harvard Square Oktoberfest 2008

The world's longest sofa by Bo Concepts.

That's right, Provided by Bo Concepts, the 219 foot long sofa provided relaxation for thousands of weary people throughout the day and seemed to be the most popular attraction with photographers at the event, all of them clamoring for the best angle. One dissident passerby was heard to shout: "It's NOT a sofa! It's a sectional!" Give them a sofa in Harvard Square and they'll protest it.

Ironically, Bo Concepts was the very source for the sofa in our sitting room at our palatial estate. In the north east wing, that is!

The Boston Foodie relaxing in the north east wing.

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