Friday, August 1, 2008

L. A. Burdick's - Old World Charm

L. A. Burdick Chocolates and Pastries

Sometimes you do a blog post that is just more visual than anything. I love it when food looks so good and hope you enjoy these photos because half the fun of great food is seeing it presented.

How can one stroll around Harvard Square on a rainy afternoon and NOT stop at L. A. Burdick? This small chocolate, pastry and coffee shop makes, hands down, the best hot chocolate anywhere. We ere surprised to see, however, that the place has been totally redone since our last visit. The patrons sipping espresso and other coffee drinks, or tea, the pristine glass cases displaying the pastries and home made chocolates, the service and the decor all make it a classic little slice of Europe right in Cambridge. We can't resist the macaroons. I explain to the counter person that's what I insist upon calling them. They call them Luxembourgers but they really do align with the classic, light meringue treats with the chewy center of the famed patisserie shop LADURÉE in Paris.

The mouth-watering pastry case at L. A. Burdick

When Becks and Posh are in town they are known to visit LADURÉE in Paris for afternoon tea and our experience was a highlight when we visited Paris. The closest we came to celebrity on our jaunt through Cambridge was a brush with Click (or is it Clack?) of Car Talk. In any case, these treats definitely rival the classic French macarons we snacked on in the very best cafes and patisseries all over Paris although they are not baked on premises. They are easily the best in Boston and come in exotic flavors such as lavender, ginger and citrus.

L. A. Burdick takeaway box

The Boxes they place these in also make them a great gift when visiting friends for dinner, cocktails or, well, no reason at all.

L. A. Burdick luxembourgers

Our favorites are the pistachio and raspberry flavors.

L. A. Burdick luxembourgers

L. A. Burdick
Harvard Square Cafe
52-D Brattle Street
Cambridge, MA 02138
Phone: 617-491-4340

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  1. these look yummy. i'll have to check out this shop the next time i visit the square.