Friday, August 22, 2008

Aura Restaurant Review

A view of the Boston Harbor.

There haven't been too many days of full sunshine this summer season but we hit it lucky this week for our lunch at the Boston Seaport. This is the burgeoning part of the City of Boston and as the condos rise and people move in the restaurants are quick to follow. So we headed out for lunch at Aura Restaurant at the Seaport Hotel. Lucky for us the restaurant just snagged Rachel Klein, formerly of Om in Harvard Square, as their chef. An overhaul of the menu was due according to recent reviews.

Aura Restaurant at the Boston Seaport Hotel.

Steak and Peach Carpaccio featured Painted Hills Farm filet mignon, watercress, ginger-lime vinaigrette and cucumber.

A good steak carpaccio is one of my favorite things. It's so light you feel like you've eaten nothing at all yet it has all the intense flavor of beef. This was our first course and as pleasant to the eye as it was to the palate. Paper thin slices of delicate, melt-in-your-mouth filet mignon matched with a perfect vinaigrette.

Invented at Harry's Bar in Venice, served for a Countess whose Doctor recommended she eat only raw meat, a legend was born. It was named Carpaccio by Giuseppe Cipriani, the bar's owner, in reference to the Venetian painter Vittore Carpaccio because the colors of the dish reminded him of the artist's paintings. Harry's Bar is still owned by the famous Cipriani family.

Grilled kajiki (blue marlin) with corn custard, snap peas, wasabi and pea greens.

Up next was the grilled kajiki or blue marlin, native to the Pacific waters of Hawaii. A dense white fish, similar to swordfish, the flavor was delicate and sweet but a bit dry on the texture. The corn custard, however, was a major standout. Light and sweet, with the full flavor of corn, it was more like a mousse, just perfectly turned out.

Homemade root beer float with sweet milk ice cream and sea salt chocolate chip cookies.

The dessert was an old fashioned root beer float that was pure comfort in a glass. I couldn't remember the last time I had one of these and the cookies with the extra touch of seal salt went along perfect. Great idea!

All in all, great food in a great location. The room here is airy and bright, done in cream tones. The tables are spaced out to make one big room with a few alcoves tucked into the sides. The wait staff is extremely friendly and accommodating - professional and attentive.

It was such a beautiful day we just wanted to sail off into the sunset.

Aura Restaurant
1 Seaport Ln
Boston, MA 02210
(617) 385-4300

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