Saturday, August 23, 2008

Amuse Bouche Number Six

Sheep Cordobes cheese and organic, Adriatic fig spread.

Are you seeing a trend develop here? Yes, this is similar to the last amuse bouche.

The difference here is the sheep's milk cheese is much firmer and a bit saltier.

Imported from Croatia, hand picked and packed by local farmers of the Dalmation region, the sweet fig taste and barely perceptible crunch of this fig jam balances the creamy, salty flavor of the cheese. Until a few years back we could not have even told you where Croatia is. Then we went to Venice, Italy. When you stand at the edge of the water just off St. Mark's Square and look out at the beautiful lagoon with gondolas and boats what is directly across that sea is Croatia. Now you'll never forget.

Serve a small wedge of the cheese at room temperature with a tiny spoon of the fig jam to your guests shortly before dinner. The burst of flavor will awaken their appetites and stimulate the senses. It has been shown that the amuse bouche enlivens the gastric juices in the stomach, making one even hungrier for what's to follow.

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