Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Designer Cakes?

Leave it to those fabulous Brits. Who else would have the ingenious idea of teaming up five British design talents and one of the U.K's most favored bakeries, Konditor and Cook. The result? A limited edition collection of signature mini-cakes! Each designer, who specialize in a range of disciplines from architecture to interior design will produce three unique designs and each will be sold for a limited period of two months.

Jamie Fobert cakes.

Jamie Fobert, for instance, has abandoned the traditional square cake, slicing them at more interesting angles to create a new architectural silhouette. Celia Birtwell created a tartan pattern icing on her cakes. Suzy Hoodless translates her graphic sketches of minimalist furniture design to the edibles. It's fantastic!

Suzy Hoodless cakes.

What's next? Armani almond cookies? Dolce & Gabbana biscotti? Lagerfeld lemon pie (with a black crust perhaps)? Prada petit fours? Send us your ideas and we'll pass them on.

In the meantime, you can visit the Konditor and Cook website here: Konditor and Cook.

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