Wednesday, May 21, 2008

De Kas

Everyone goes to Amsterdam for the dining, right?

Well, about 50,000 people a year, to be exact, make the pilgrimage to the De Kas restaurant just outside the city center. Created and executed by top chef Gert Jan Hagerman,a Michelin star Dutch haute cuisine notable, one can dine here on organic meats and produce raised and grown right on the premises. It's an interesting story, too, when in 2001 the chef decided to take his career in a new path. It was back then that he purchased an old greenhouse slated for demolition that had once belonged to Amsterdam's Municipal Nursery. The result was a fantastic new complex of gardens, greenhouse and restaurant where the herbs and vegetables are literally picked sometimes minutes before preparation. This sort of freshness is, of course, impossible to obtain at just about any other restaurant in the world. Travel and Leisure Magazine, in fact, refers to the dining as nothing short of stunning.

In fact, you can even dine in one of the outside gardens if you choose. De Kas has two personalities, the first unveiled during lunch hours when the restaurant is very light and open. But when night falls at dinner, a romantic ambiance is created.

The greenhouse offers one daily menu at 43.50 euro, a selection of small starters, main dish and dessert. A 2 course lunch menu is also on offer for 32 euro, but what is served depends on their harvest.

You can also dine inside the kitchen at the chef's table. Just make sure you book in advance. Suggested reservations are best had two to three months in advance. Yes, that's right months.

Kas Restaurant De
Kamerlingh Onneslaan 3
1097 DE Amsterdam, Netherlands
+31 20 4624562

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