Friday, September 21, 2007

Whirlwind Appetizers

Smoked salmon with finely chopped red onion and hard-boiled egg.

There is nothing like a day filled with fashion, fun and food especially when it's all spent tasting appetizers all over town. I started yesterday out at my usual 5:30 am waking time with a walk along the shore at the country house in Maine. Before noon I was home, using, I might add a Mazda 5 for the day-which I loved. Upon my arrival I had three invites for events that night. When it rains it pours.

Making plans to meet at my place, also know as Studio 54, I decided to make a quick appetizer for when friends arrived to pick me up. One of my favorites is a really simple, flavorful treat that also makes for a great presentation. It's so easy. It's just chopped hard-boiled egg, red onion, smoked salmon and a dollop of sour cream on top: always a hit. Snip a few tips of chive from the garden and it's made. Since it was warm out I served it with ice-cold ice tea. Mmmmmmmmmmmm.

After that we were off to our first event but not before stopping at Di Mio Pizza, which I have been bragging about for years and always seems to fly just under the radar whenever you see one of those Best Boston Pizza newspaper or magazine articles. Their thin crust delights are really gourmet and it's one of my best kept secret spots. I have never had a bad slice there and you can order from a great variety of c gourmet creations.

Our first stop was Boss Orange Store grand opening party at Copley Place. This past week Copley has been literally crawling with movie stars as several films are shooting on location in Boston. We didn't bump into any stars but we couldn't escape all of the vans and trailers all over the place! Anyway, it was a gala event with all the beautiful people. I need to make a note to myself to remember to wear black at these things. Absolutely everyone was clad in black and white, as fashionistas do but we had a great time, although it was short. We sipped wine and scarfed down yet more appetizers as we laughed, chatted and posed for pictures.

The Hugo Boss Orange Female and Male Models

We then had to rush down to Newbury Street for yet another opening for Brandon Keith Hair, a new salon. Yet more appetizers, wine and a bit more colorful crowd. I ran into Kiehl's, literally, to say hello to my old friends there then dashed over to meet the others at the salon where the party was in full swing. The place is absolutely gorgeous needless to say.

We weren't through, however, despite my exhaustion at this point. I told myself I was going to act as though I wasn't tired and still had plenty of energy - a technique that usually works during nights of endless socializing. My body was having no part of it. We were on the guest list for the Heaven and Hell Party at 33, a club on Stanhope Street. On the drive over I literally nodded off in the back seat. I knew I'd last an hour or less, which was about right.

It did make me realize, however, that one of the reasons all the "beautiful" are so thin (aside from all the make-up and hair products-and that goes for the men as well as the women) was that they graze all day and night. It shifts the metabolism into high gear, I swear. So the next time you need to go light for a day or two do what models do: graze. Think small bites of flavorful food, satisfying but not really heavy. And if you dont want to fall asleep lay off the wine and bellini cocktails!

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