Sunday, July 29, 2007

Stuff We Like

I've been Simpsonized!

Lately I have to admit I have been lazy, mostly in anticipation of my marathon dining for Restaurant Week in Boston. I made my reservations early so the next month or so will be filled with new reviews for restaurants I've been dying to visit but the treasury at worldwide international headquarters would not allow.

In the meantime I have been Simpsonized into Marge's kitchen to attempt to discover the zen of doughnuts and beer (just kidding). Actually, those topics DO have potential for future posts but more on that later.

Another thing I have discovered is this amazing recipe holder. If you have some really nice cookbooks, you know - with all those gorgeous, full color photographs, you really don't want to mess up, this seems like the ideal solution. It's available from our friends at Vat19, which has tons of really cool stuff.

Enjoy the fun....................Ahhhh, life in Springfield!

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