Thursday, June 7, 2007

What a Waste!!

Sure Faneuil Hall is filled with food stalls and restaurants and yes it is where lots and lots of people visiting Boston from all over the world eventually rendezvous but puh-leeze stop promoting that Wednesday night event as some fabulous food extravaganza. It is the worst excuse for any kind of a celebration of food.

Foodie spies were out last night attending this event and report that with the exception of a few signs announcing the festivities as if it were something big, it barely existed. Yes, a few places did have small, thimbleful samples out on their counters that could hardly even qualify as a legitimate taste. Quite specifically these were the little, paper containers usually reserved for the mini serving of tartar sauce with your takeout seafood order. (You know-the kind where you never feel there is quite enough). Even then, you practically had to beg to get the sample out of them.

I mean, if they are so afraid that they are going to lose their shirts giving away a microscopic hint of food then why do it at all? Maybe they should take a page from the now defunct "Taste of Boston" which used to be held on City Hall Plaza and invited restaurants all over the City to participate and gave a much heartier sample for the minimal charge of one dollar per item. And it worked. Owners of the participating establishments claimed that, indeed, it was good for business and many new customers were gained.

The bottom line at these type of events is this: if you really believe that your food is good then you know that one giveaway portion will result in a loyal customer for years to come. If you know your food isn't all that great then you are more afraid to let anyone taste it!

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