Thursday, June 7, 2007

Gourmet Pizza Company - London

Gourmet Pizza Company
18-20 Mackenzie Walk
Canary Walk
London E14 4QT
Telephone +44 871 332 7612

One of the great walks to take when visiting London is along the South Bank, where there is so much to see and do. We began early Sunday morning at St. Pauls Cathedral, where the famous Royal Wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana took place (pictured in background). Practically right outside the door is the new Millenium Bridge which will lead you right over the Thames to The Tate Modern. This is a great interactive museum (free admission) and is ideal for families and children. Right next door stop in at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, an authentic recreation of The Globe as it was in Shakespearian times. Here you can see the elaborate costumes they used, watch the actors practice a swordfight, perhaps, and lean right on the stage as they did when watching the Bard's famous plays.

There's much to do and see strolling along the South Bank towards Parliament and The London Eye, past the many street performers and the skate board park where kids turn out amazing tricks on their boards. We were lucky enough to have a gloriously sunny and warm day. The crowds were out en mass.

Along the way we stopped at Gourmet Pizza Company, an incredibly popular spot with views of the Thames. Much has been written in recent web reviews about the difficulty of getting a table there but we had no problem at all and we don't think it's because the boston foodie is world famous. Well, not yet anyway! We had the duck and spring onion pizza which was not only innovative but a great taste made with a perfectly turned out thin crust. The duck was sweet and plentiful and it really hit the spot after all that walking. You can't beat the view.

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