Thursday, February 13, 2020

Long Cross Bar And Kitchen Brunch

It's not all glittering social and food events in opulent settings for food writers.  We like to check out the local spots, too, to see where people are going and, more importantly, why they are going there.  So, off we went to Long Cross Bar And Kitchen at Station Landing in Medford which was once a local outlet of Not Your Average Joe's, a chain that seems to have closed all of it's locations in Massachusetts and for good reason:  poor service and poor management.  

Bar area at Longcross Bar & Kitchen at Station Landing.

We went for brunch on Sunday and ordered the classic diner breakfast.  It was fairly full with locals who also seemed to be trying out the place.  They've been open about a month.  The guy in the booth next door whined, incessantly and loudly, about everything in his personal life.  It was, without doubt, the finest example of a reason to dump someone on the spot.  And leave him with the check.  It was comical.  So, they get an A+ for entertainment value at least.

The coffee did not rate as well.  It's a real challenge to serve coffee that is both weak AND very bitter but here that was executed perfectly.  The eggs were almost okay, overcooked with slight burn spots.  The sausage and potatoes, meh.  The bacon and toast both excellent.  I love it when toast is crisped on the griddle.

The parking is free and easy.  The service was excellent.  The bar, which dominates the entire space, seems to be exactly what the place was built for.  Maybe we should stop in after work on a Friday night for another visit.  We can't help, however, but predict it will be pretty much the softball league and cougar crowd. C'est la vie.

Station Landing
501 Fellsway
Medford, MA  02155
Telephone:   781.874.1033

Socials:  @thebostonfoodie

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