Tuesday, January 28, 2020

It's Back!!!

Most will recall the demise of New England staple candy-maker Necco a few years back.  It was just one of those things.  A solid tradition in this area, we had to kiss them a sentimental goodbye after they racked up about 17M in debt with no way out.  The world is changing no matter how many romantic memories of the candy factory that began in Cambridge we had.

Yet, there is a silver lining.  The Sky Bar, perhaps their most popular item in their inventory was kept on life support and is now back and better than ever.  It's like returning from a vacation all tanned, rested and relaxed.  

Apparently this was the ardent favorite so an enterprising foodie approached Necco to buy the rights for this sole candy.  Why they passed on the Necco Wafers I don't know but it makes me love them even more.  The result: Sky Bar is back and, like I said, never tasted so good.  Made right here in Massachusetts.  Enjoy.

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