Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Carthage Co Stoneware

Dadasi Soup Bowl in Adriatic from Carthage.Co Stoneware

When hosting a dinner for friends, or even for every day, a delicious meal is often elevated to really memorable by the way it is served.  Quality is indeed in the details.  I'll never forget many of the very best suppers enjoyed in Europe began with the exclamation:  "Look at that beautiful stoneware." 

Well, America is catching up and not just with more educated palates than we have ever had before but also with these beautiful things imported from Tunisia.  Yes, many still believe that quantity is more important than quality and complain about "portion sizes" when dining out but increasingly the food experience is seen to be something that takes place on many levels.   It should look good, too.  Thank you Carthage.Co.

This bowl was provided by Carthage.Co with no promise of any editorial consideration.

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