Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Tapas At Matadora

The building mural one sees upon arrival, or even before, at Matadora in Woburn.  You just don't see this anywhere in Boston.

The Sparkling Valencia at Matadora:  Orange Vodka, Liqueur 43, Lemon and Cava

It used to be that when you really wanted to head out to a special place for dining on a Friday night everyone would dress up and go to Boston.  Today people weigh that decision much more carefully.  Why fight the traffic, spend forty bucks to park and then eighteen for a cocktail?  You're in almost sixty dollars before you've even had a morsel of food. 

Cheese Board:  Cana de Cabra, Aged Manchego and Chef Stephen Coe's Choices along with Seasonal Accompaniments.
Yes, dining in the suburbs now offers the ambiance, design and service once reserved almost exclusively for downtown spots.  The fare is just as good, a free parking spot is waiting just a few feet from the door and the price in most cases is far more reasonable.  Sad, really, given the outrageous costs of rent and a liquor license. 
Matadora, at the newly-refurbished Hilton in Woburn, is a great example of this.  As a young man I took my first apartment in Woburn and, believe me, this level of dining was simply just not even a thought in the blue collar community.

Pineapple Sangria:  Albarino, Brandy, Pineapple Juice and Pineapple
The design is a stunner upon entrance.  Lots of small tables and banquettes on a two-tiered, open floor plan and kitchen and a large bar area with additional banquettes on the higher level.  Soaring ceilings and soft lighting makes everything (and everyone) shimmer.  It's almost old school Hollywood.  From your seat you can see every other seat in the house no matter where you are.

And it's not just the cougar and softball team crowd out for their version of an upscale night on the town.  There are young (quite fashionable) couples sipping red wines as they taste their way through small plates.  There are party groups marking an occasion, a pack of friends obviously club bound at some point and established older couples and friends enjoying animated conversation and laughs.

Shrimp Toast:  Wild Shrimp, Spicy Saffron Butter and Garlic Toast.
The Shrimp Toast was a top taste, a delicious tidbit to pair with a drink and tease the tastebuds before the main course.

The glorious Paella at Matadora in Woburn.
The highlight of our dinner was the Paella.  Everything in it from the mussels to the chorizo was perfect.  Stop in for this alone.

Left to Right:  Michelle Jacobson, Lee Jacobson, Henry Risman and Amy Risman, all of Andover.
It's always nice meeting new friends.  This table snagged us as we were walking by to get some detail photos.. It was their second visit to Matadora and, like us, they plan to come back.

Hilton Boston/Woburn
2 Forbes Road
Woburn, MA  01801
Telephone:  781.904.0658


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