Tuesday, February 5, 2019

West Cork

February is a short month.  Next is March and here in Boston we all know what that means:  St. Patrick's Day.  And this year we will be able to have a special Irish Whiskey not available anywhere else.  What I really love about this is that my family is actually from Cork!
This Export Stout Cask Finish Irish Whiskey is the result of a true collaboration between two craft producers. West Cork Distillers initially shipped empty barrels that aged their Bourbon Cask Irish Whiskey to Castle Island Brewing Co. The brewer then aged its Imperial Stout in the barrels, imparting flavors of charred oak, rich vanilla, and hints of dark fruit into their smooth base beer. They released this limited-edition “Greetings from Skibb” Imperial Stout about 6 months back and sold out rapidly. The barrels were then shipped back to West Cork, where the team finished this blended Irish Whiskey to bring the collaboration full-circle.

As St. Patrick’s rapidly approaches, this Irish Whiskey is going to be in very short supply throughout Greater Boston (there is nowhere else in the country to get it, making it quite exclusive).  You still have time to stock up on this local-centric, limited release Irish Whiskey that was born of a true collaboration with one of the area’s most popular craft breweries.
Enjoy and Happy (early) Saint Patrick's Day!
This sample was provided to us with no promise of any editorial consideration.

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