Tuesday, February 12, 2019

TV Cooking Legend Mary Ann Esposito Event

One of the big questions I always have for people is:  how did you learn to cook?  The answer is often my mother or grandmother but in my case the answer is with Mary Ann Esposito and many of the other TV Chefs I would watch on weekends when I got my first apartment. 

So, I was thrilled when the Boston Center for Adult Education recently asked me to host an evening with Mary Ann to introduce everyone to her new book:  MY LIFELONG FOOD ADVENTURES IN ITALY.  Not only that but audience members will have the opportunity to ask questions, sample a few dishes from the book and get their copy autographed.

The event will take place on Wednesday April 17th at the BCAE building on Arlington Street.  Tickets are limited and Mary Ann always draws a large crowd so get your tickets early and I will see you there.

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