Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Friendly Toast Brunch

Pumpkin Pancakes at The Friendly Toast.
Part of the holiday season for us always includes at least one brunch out with friends or maybe as a stop between shopping excursions and/or city walks.  When in Cambridge we'd suggest The Friendly Toast, although they do have multiple locations now.

A Flight Of Mimosas.  Cute, clever and delicious.
The menu at The Friendly may seem overwhelming at first.  Everything is tempting.  After deliberating over which Mimosa to try (there are several options from Apricot Brandy to Elderflower) our server suggested we just try the flight and sample them all.  We'd suggest you do the same.

Breakfast Eggrolls.
A newer menu item, as are the Pumpkin Pancakes, we just knew we HAD to try these.  It's just such a great idea to put some typical breakfast foods in or on a roll and then make it not typical.  These egg rolls are stuffed with, well, eggs, scrambled, of course, corned beef hash, Swiss cheese and then the unusual kimchi slaw.  And it all works beautifully.

Salmon Ramen
Ramen for breakfast is not a bad thing.  Neither is salmon.  Ever.  So we went with that.  A steamy bowl of fresh ramen noodles in red curry broth, with Gochujang glazed Coho salmon, an over easy egg, kimchi slaw, scallions & mango-habanero sauce.  Not your Grandma's breakfast food but a luxurious one.

Avos To Apples at The Friendly Toast
Another unusual mix the Avos To Apples:  A slice of Anadama toast (an old New England bread recipe made with corn and molasses and totally satisfying) loaded with avocado, roasted caramelized apples, blue cheese crumbles, spicy pecans & a hint of cinnamon. Served with root vegetable hash & a sunny egg. And, again, satisfying, terrific breakfast fare or hangover cure, take your pick.

Of course you'll most likely be spending more than one day out shopping and strolling in  and around the city this holiday season and The Friendly offers so much on the menu you could visit every weekend without coming anywhere near exhausting the menu possibilities.  It's just the perfect way to brunch at any time of year.

The Friendly Toast
1 Kendall Square B3101
Cambridge, MA 02139
Telephone:  617.621.1200

@_TheFriendlyToast (ig)

We were invited to this brunch as members of the media with no promise of any editorial consideration.

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