Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Favorite Things 2018

French Toast flavored Bantam Bagels make for an easy breakfast.

As many readers know we receive many food and food-related products to test, taste and share throughout the year.  For some reason this gets amped up during the holiday season to the point where we are often getting packages delivered daily for weeks on end.  Most of the stuff is rejected after the first look and taste sample.  You can't believe some of the absolutely horrible stuff we have seen.

This year we thought we feature some of the stuff we actually liked in a series of our "Favorite Things".  Yes, we know it sounds like Oprah (who actually stole it from "The Sound Of Music") and we won't be giving away thousands of products but, hey, we liked them.

First up are the Bantam Bagels.  You may have seen this product on Shark Tank and, due to their success, in Starbucks stores nationwide.  Not bad.  They are basically bagel bites that are filled with cheese and come in a variety of flavors.  Some are spicy, some savory and some sweet like our favorite French Toast.  They are purchased frozen but we've thrown a few in the gym bag early in the morning and when we arrive at work they are all set to be heated up for breakfast.

And that is the appeal of this product:  easy.  The taste is not bad, though.

This product was provided to us by the manufacturer for sampling without promise for any editorial consideration.

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