Thursday, October 4, 2018

Annie's Breakfast In Newport, RI

We are all in favor of a big breakfast here at TBF.  In fact, whenever I am asked how I stay so thin I tell people that I eat a good breakfast every day.  Most doctors will tell you that the great majority of people who are dangerously overweight do not eat breakfast at all.  So eat your breakfast.

Whenever we travel we are always on the lookout for a breakfast spot where the locals eat.  So when in Newport for the weekend recently we thought we'd try a new spot favored by those very same locals and some recommended Annie's on Bellevue Avenue. 

Annie's is a quaint little spot with a decidedly old-school feel.  Upon entering there is a strong sense that this is, indeed, exactly what a local breakfast haunt that's been around for many years should look like.  Booth service, no credit cards accepted, stools that spin at the faux marble counter - all the requisite signs are there.

Except for the food.  It was substandard at best.  The scrambled eggs overcooked and rubbery provoked the comment made by a companion diner that they simply didn't look freshly prepared.  And that slab of salmon served with my bagel was just about as appetizing as it looks.

We did, however, notice quite a number of people there who seemed like locals.  We felt sorry for them.  Yes, it's Bellevue Avenue.  Yes, it's a local haunt.  A thirty dollar breakfast, however, should not be this bad even if we hit it on a bad day.  The dining landscape is so competitive now that many places who just skated by on the quality of their food is, in fact, the relic of a bygone era this town is filled with.  With so many other options we have found in the past we just won't be going back here.

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